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According to what we have learned by reading Imagine book, how could you help yourself be more creative (from page - Essay Example

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Personal expression and individual way of doing things strongly pinpoint to individual creativity. From a personal perspective, creativity bulges out to…
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According to what we have learned by reading Imagine book, how could you help yourself be more creative (from page
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Download file to see previous pages Creativity holds no specific definition due to the broad concepts it encompasses. In this regard, scientific principles can also be factored in in creativity pursuits, especially in regard to more creativity in an individual. According to Jonah Lehrer (3), the brain acts as the central nerve to creativity. However, there are other complementing variables to the creativity process. These variables are generally the day to day surrounding that a person finds him/herself in, actions and activities undertaken by others, and all other influential factors that directly or indirectly impact on the life of an individual.
More creativity can be realized from putting the brain to work (Lehrer 13). This is basically becoming more open minded, embracing diverse mindsets and evaluating a scenario in more than one aspect. Although creativity could be said to have been realized prior to undertaking this process, this still serves a better ground to realize more creativity. This brain technique to making oneself more creative works based on the fact that it personally allows the treatment of the same thing in a number of ways. In so doing, there is more than just a single approach to a brain-based activity. In the process, an advanced version of creativity could result.
Personal success or failure is another way to enhance more creativity. Jonah Lehrer presents the case of Dylan (Lehrer 17) to depict this scenario. Characterized by frustration, failure or even success, it is possible to boost creativity, and specifically realize even more creativity. What defines success or failure is the individual’s goals and objectives in life. While some achievements are deemed success by other people, others could account for the same achievements as failure, and subsequently frustrations. This means that creativity is uniquely customized to oneself, and the various levels of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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According to What We Have Learned by Reading Imagine Book, How Could Essay.
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