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Pandemic Flu plan - Case Study Example

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The body aches followed by tiredness and a dry cough which attacks the health condition to the extent of causing death. Continents such as Africa,…
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Pandemic Flu plan
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Download file to see previous pages that has seen heath experts and governments come together to formulate policies and plans on how to curb and mange influenza so as to reduce loss of life through such pandemic. Communities at their local levels have come up with ways to handle influenza so to protect the community members from suffering and deaths. This paper indicates a community plan outlines strategies to curb influenza in Glen Falls in New York. To enhance influenza review in Glen Falls, the plan shall initiate measures to protect community members from attacks and loss of lives as a result of flu. They include;
This shall be meant to promote and boost the immunity of villagers through anti viral drugs and vaccine. Parents shall be advised to take their children fro vaccine so as to enable them withstand the effects of influenza. Immunization awareness shall be carried out to educate the people on the need to consider immunization as the possible solution for this challenge. Expectant mothers shall be advised to attend prenatal and antenatal care program in which vaccination and immunization for the unborn baby and the mother shall be done to offer remedy for this problem. To educate the community, seminars and workshops shall be carried out in the community to enlighten the people. Cultural dances and performances where by communal artists shall be used to perform and make skits more so in the evenings which shall bring together members of the community to learn on the need to take on immunization program to remedy influenza. Influenza pandemic requires proper planning that involves parties of every level such as communities and families and individuals so as to slow and respond so as to recover from this disaster. This is because influenza has been identified to cause loss of life through illness making it a public threat.
The plan will involve health care providers in advocating the control of influenza in the community. Hospitals shall print leaflets which shall have the information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pandemic Flu Plan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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