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Correct, good and efficient decisions with regard to the public interest must be a great concern to the field of administration (Stillman, 2009). It is therefore, upon the policy…
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You should choose
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, it shall analyze the Katrina disaster in regards to the type of decision making method that was embarked on. It will further analyze the flaws therein.
The policy administrator using this approach must first identify the ends. The implication herein is that the values or goals are first analyzed as how the situation should ultimately end up is outlined. The weights of all the ends are analyzed which means that the expected goals are analyzed from different sectors (Stillman, 2009). It is assumed at this point that the different parties involved have a consensus on the importance of the different goals. At this point, all possible and reasonable sets of means are set forth with an assumption that time and resources to investigate are rigorously set forth. Then, the aforementioned set of means is evaluated against the ends. A quantified measure is assigned with regard to how well the set of means does in the achievement of each end. Again, there is an assumption that there is the ability and the resources for the evaluation to take place. The overall measure is then calculated based on the assumption of the maximum measure.
In this method of decision making, both the ends and the means are intertwined in that it is from the consideration of the means that ends have been agreed on by way of compromise, therefore the best that can be done is to find a satisfactory, mutually agree upon end and means. There is an assumption in this approach that the manager has very little and limited time and resources (except information) in his decision making process. The implication is that the means considered are actually known. The evaluation process of the means is not as refined as in the root method. In fact, many consequences are often ignored (Stillman, 2009). The means are chosen on the basis of a consensus among the different parties and not results of factors from the analysis. Because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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You Should Choose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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