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The Navy has an integrity problem in the ranks of its Commanding Officers and it needs to be fixed - Essay Example

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The respect and admiration that the public bestowed upon military personnel reflects their gratitude for the service that the forces deliver to the country. Over the years, the men in uniform are given such high regard, are often treated favorably, and even considered as…
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The Navy has an integrity problem in the ranks of its Commanding Officers and it needs to be fixed
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Extract of sample "The Navy has an integrity problem in the ranks of its Commanding Officers and it needs to be fixed"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this moral dilemma on the character of naval leadership needs to be resolved this early to restore the public’s esteem to their organization.
From January to June of this year alone, the naval community as reported by the Navy Times has fired 21 high-ranking officials. The list are composed of several commanding officers, a handful of senior enlisted leaders and an executive officer who were all terminated for reasons ranging from administrative neglect and loss of integrity to lead, to personal misconduct such as sexual harassment, drunkenness, and fraternization, among others. Note that the said officers are not the newly graduated and amateur types; instead, they possess credentials of the experienced, skilled and decorated leaders (“Commanding Officer”, 2012). This statistics is startling considering that the list only composed of 17 Navy commanding officers in 2010 and soared to 31 in 2011 (“Navy Commanding”, 2011). The Career Progression Division of the Naval Personnel Command presented a similar data showing an increasing trend of dismissal of commanding officers in the Navy from 1999 to 2010 citing misconduct, a significant event, unsatisfactory performance over time, and loss of confidence in the officer’s ability to command, as categories. The accused officials were not only relieved from their posts but were “detached for cause” as well. Although the portion of the pie under the category of personal misconduct is small, it still is significantly high and disquieting (Light, 2012).
The above information is essential in viewing the modern shift of the degree of leadership and responsibility in the naval forces. Among all the competent candidates for high ranks, it is noticeable that even the individuals who are inclined to misbehave get the position. The question then lies to the competence and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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