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HW205: Vitamins, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements - Essay Example

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However, when it comes to vitamins a different situation is being analyzed. Vitamins are those organic nutrients that are essential for us and…
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HW205: Vitamins, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements
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Download file to see previous pages However, they are required in small amounts for various body functions such as growth, metabolism, physical and mental activity etc. There are 13 vitamins that have been discovered so far and each vitamin has its own particular function and each of them is unique in its own way and the activity of each vitamin is dominant which can not be avoided as their deficiency can bring about large devastating changes or disorders that can disturb the whole normal process of one’s body. Therefore, it can be said that vitamins are essential for life! Vitamin A comes first in the queue of vitamins and these small organic molecules perform such major functions for our body, which are bewildering, and its deficiency can brought up irreversible severe diseases or lack of functioning of certain body functions. Its importance can be viewed by analyzing its role and properties.
Firstly, if we analyze the biochemical nature of vitamin A so it is revealed by such studies that it is mainly a lipid soluble vitamin that belongs to the RETINOL class. However, Beta –Carotene can also be converted to Vitamin A and other classes of carotene can also work as precursor molecules for Vitamin A. The carotenoids are only found in plants but they are not the single source for Vitamin A.
Secondly, some general properties of vitamins are assayed. Vitamin A is really sensitive to oxidation by air and its activity can be lost by exposure to heat and sunlight. As it is destroyed by process of oxidation so antioxidants plays a role to protect it such as Vitamin E and various other anti oxidants as well. Vitamin A has some negative interactions with certain internal environment of the body. For instance, alcohol consumption can disturb the storage Vitamin A within the liver; the metabolism of Vitamin A is afflicted by zinc deficiency and protein deficiency. The liver processes Vitamin A storage within the body as retinyl esters.
When it comes to the functions of Vitamin A, a very long ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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