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EMAS Advantages - Essay Example

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Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) is advancement of "soft ground arresting system" containing a bed of thousand of crushable cellular cement materials slabs installed on the runway over - run to decelerate an airplane in an emergency. The FAA 5200.9 Policy Order…
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EMAS Advantages
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Download file to see previous pages The System depth gradually increases as the airplane travels into the arrestor crib, providing increasing deceleration when needed by faster or heavier aircraft. Aircraft run out distance gets determined by the airplane bed configuration size, weight and speed (Richard de Neufville, 2003).
At most commercial airfields, the RSA remains 500 feet wide extending 1000ft beyond each runway end. The FAA has this requisite in an event that an airplane of the overruns, undershoots, or swings off the sides of the runway (Richard de Neufville, 2003). The greatest danger of these incidents remain overruns, but since many airdromes got built before the 1000ft RSA length got adopted 20 years ago, the range beyond the runway end remains where many airdromes cannot achieve the full RSA standard. This is due to complications such as water bodies, highways, railroads and severe drop-off of terrain or populated areas (Richard de Neufville, 2003).
The FAA devours a high - priority program of enhancing safety by advancement of the RSA at commercial airports and provides federal aid to support those advancements. However, it still can not be feasible for some airports to attain the RSA standard. The FAA, perceptive that it would be hard to achieve a RSA standard at every airport, began steering research in the end of 20th century to determine how to guarantee maximum safety at airdromes where the full RSA may not be obtained. Working in performance with the Dayton University, the New York Port Authority and the ESCO (Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation) the new technology developed to provide an additional measure of safety (Richard de Neufville, 2003).
This system remains a cost - effective approach of improving safety where the runway safety area distance stays limited by site circumstances. The range of airplane operating at each airfield and available overrun distance in each runway gets ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EMAS Advantages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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