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Miitary information paper and position paper - Essay Example

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Purpose: Compare how the State Department’s Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization’s (S/CRS) relationship with civilian agencies is similar to that of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s (JCS) relationship with the combatant commands.
The approach taken by the US…
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Miitary information paper and position paper
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Download file to see previous pages Although the restructuring of various defence departments has elicited criticism, many critics believe that the process has been successful.
The structure of the State Department’s Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization’s (S/CRS) and Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) are similar, i.e. in both bodies, the command comes from a single unit. For instance, S/CRS receives its command from the chair in the same manner as the command is delivered from the head of JCS. These defence institutions have a single command base which enables them to effectively execute their missions. Composition structure has stakeholders from various defence departments, which makes the process of security provision effective.
The S/CRS and JSC observe the military protocols that begin from the President to respective commandants. Military protocol is critical to the success of these units because it eliminates misconception between various defence departments. The law has provisions that enable the JSC to launch a disagreement to the intended operation the same provision applies to the C/CRS in influencing the decision made by the Defence Secretary or the President (Mullen 12). In the United States history, military advice is critical to military development. For instance, the Congress evaluates military options after seeking advices from respective departments of the defence. This approach does not only make the operation of the defence forces acceptable but it promotes unitary approach in handling insurgency cases.
Another feature that is common with the above bodies is that they both exhibit a number of bodies, which report to their chairperson. For instance, JSC has various units, such as Mutual and Balanced Reductions (MBFR), which report to the chair. Notably, the defence units which report to the chair of these organisations usually receive uniform information because of the chain used in executing the command.
Purpose: Some believe that more combatant commands ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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