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In my experience being an administrator and a leader, I have learned a few lessons that are worth remembering: First, though each person is unique and that each leader has his or her own way in leading others, there is still a core of behaviors, values and characteristics that…
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Reflective your strength and weakness in administration
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Download file to see previous pages Third, strategic direction is crucial and having a vision and mission is what operationally makes a leader succeed or fail. Strategy weighs heavy on the “how” and “why” and less so on the “where” hence it is important to have a mission and a vision that is in line with each other. Corollary to this, after planning and goal setting, administrators get things done as plans and goals are not much use if they do not materialize. Fourth and personally the most important for me, leaders naturally need to influence others and have friends that they have purposely nurtured. Admittedly, every leader requires great people around them who when challenged, take up the call, and make the most out of it.
One of my administrative strengths includes micromanaging, not just people, but goals as well with a particular refinement for detail. I remember doing thus when a professor had to inspect a certain project of ours within a few weeks time. As a large project of ours with minimal team members working on it, it had a number of problem areas that were likely to receive poor grades, in particular design and its relation to the overall goal of the project. With a very short timeframe available, I would be unable to make substantial changes I have in view for the longer term. For example, developing a more strategic and novel way of communicating with other members during the planning process and taking the pressure off the acting committee head of design, currently struggling, by recruiting someone with more experience into the post will have to be postponed.
I knew then that I had to focus on ensuring that my project showed itself from the best perspective in front of our professors. I had work hard with my other group members, having some sleepless nights, to ensure everything was in place- logistics have been taken care of, audiences have been ushered in well, while all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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