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Advanced IT - Research Paper Example

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The article on biometrics addresses the authentication system for biometrics as being an automated approach that recognizes individuals on the basis of given behavioral and physiological characteristics like voice, finger prints and facial features. According to this article,…
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Advanced IT
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, biometric enrolment in most cases is carried out in-person under environments that are controlled making the process reliable in case of any succeeding application.
The system however faces a number of challenges mostly non-trivial when it comes to security cases following its inherent biometric data features. Such features make biometric matching probabilistic thus samples from a given individual can never be exactly the same. This is a violation of security measures as two encrypted samples have to undergo decryption before any matching takes place. Biometric systems are unable to rely on one-ways systems performing user input harsh functions. The management is also challenged to ensure that there exists decryption and vulnerability representation in biometric processes (Abhilasha, 2007).
Biometrics are almost impossible to change or revoke in cases where data has been compromised. This is because its template is in a digital data form and is mostly kept in a token or a database. Such templates come in specific vendors thus their interoperable use in a system that is disturbed becomes difficult. Biometric authentication systems represent a location that is unsupervised presenting the high risks of attacks from sensor spoofing. This makes the output credibility of the process of biometric matching to depend completely on the integrity of the given sample and whether the sample provided is a true one from the biometric characteristic owner. Security problems also come up during the execution of biometric templates either at the client or at the server. Other privacy and security risks are witnessed in the process of keeping biometric information together with identifiable information that are personal (Abhilasha, 2007).
Biometric authentication systems play a crucial role in the identification process. It is more preferable compared to other non-biometric methods. Despite this age over the other methods, biometric systems face a number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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