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Whole Foods & Wild Oats - Research Paper Example

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If he is commenting on the self- interest, his attitude is more negative to perception of Wild Oats Company benefit than the public -…
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Whole Foods & Wild Oats
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, it is clear that his comments had the motivation from his self-interest (Debra, 2010).
Instrumental and terminal values are vital in the explanation of Mackey’s blog posting behavior, relative to the Wild Oats acquisition. There is a distinction between the two values as elaborated by Rokeach. Instrumental values reflect the means to achieving goals, meaning they represent the most acceptable behaviors to be used in achieving an end state. Terminal values, on the other hand, represent the goals to be achieved or the end states. First, it is remarkably clear that he lacks Honesty Ambition Responsibility where he is not truthful in his hard work to do his duties as CEO, whereby he posts the blogs using his wife’s name to conceal his identity. He has the value of forgiveness, open-mindedness, and courage whereby he has the courage to face the public eye. He does this with a clear perspective that they will forgive him for his mistakes. As see him, he does not deny putting up those posts. He has the value of Helpfulness Cleanliness Competence as his other goal. This is whereby he accepts he has been posting the negative blogs to criticize the Wild Oats Company.
He is ready to be helped to free from being guilty of these critics. On the other hand, he has none of these instrumental values: Self-control Affection / Love Cheerfulness, Independence Politeness Intelligence, and Obedience Rationality Imagination. We see John lacking control of his hate of the Wild Oats Company establishing itself as his competitor. He also lacks knowledge of how to show courtesy to other people who may be in competition or poses some danger to his co-existence. He is not submissive to reasoning, according to the perception of most people in the public figure. In his comment that no one would buy products of Oats Company, he does not put himself in the shoes of those benefiting from this new company.
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