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Self Analysis - Essay Example

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Whenever I see people arguing, I remember what the guy said and reflect if I myself can accept criticisms. To answer my own query, I have always…
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Self Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages One of these characteristics is being adaptable. I consider myself adaptable because I appreciate the little things around me and it is easy for me to make friends wherever I go. I am not such a difficult person to deal with. Although I can argue for what I believe in, I would not want to offend anybody with my words, much more hurt people with my gestures. Overall, I consider myself as a peaceful individual who is open to opportunities and friends.
Exploring the second window gives me a thrill. I always want to know what others think of me and as I expected, I got the pleasure to know that the people around me appreciate what I am to them. Like what I thought, they consider me amiable and calm, qualities that I always wanted to project. Surprisingly, I got the comment that I am logical, serious, and shy. On being logical, I guess other people found me peace-loving that is why they call me logical. I make it a habit not to argue with anyone especially if things are not that serious. On one hand, the term logical may apply to me because I do not argue with anyone; on the other hand, it may be vague because I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself. As regards being serious and shy, I admit that these are some qualities that I would like to change. Being serious and shy may not be a real problem but being overly serious and shy could establish walls with other people. Learning about this impression makes me rethink of ways on how to be more lax and funny.
Among the four windows, the third one is the most revealing. This window allows me to reflect on my negative side, which is unknown to others. Actually, some people may find the content of my third window as non-detrimental to my personality. Nevertheless, I find it quite a flaw, which I have to deal with squarely. For this window, I wrote that I am puzzled by the world, quite confused with what I should believe in. I wonder if God is real, if He really existed, why people have to suffer despite His existence, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Self Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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