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History exam - Assignment Example

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Both fascism and communism share all the same assumptions about human nature b. both are characterized by an emphasis on the state as an end unto itself c. both emphasize class struggles as driving history d. fascism emphasizes…
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History exam
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Download file to see previous pages The Soviets would dominate Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania; Britain would control Greece; Yugoslavia would be shared by both countries. The country which was NOT mentioned at all in the bargain was _____Poland__________, of vital importance to Stalin. (3pts)
6. By early November, 1944, the Red Army, after victories in Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, reached the gates of ___Budapest______________, Hungary. Hungarian and German troops mounted a savage defense of the city; capitulation came in February 1945. (3pts).
7. __d______ Select the letter which represents the accurate chronology? (3pts) a. Failed coup against Hitler, Soviet recognition of the Polish “Lublin” or communist government, Allied capture of Cherbourg, Allied capture of Rome, Operation Overlord b. Allied Capture of Cherbourg, Allied Capture of Rome, Operation Overlord, Failed coup against Hitler, Soviet recognition of the Polish “Lublin” or communist government c. Operation Overlord, Allied Capture of Cherbourg, Failed coup against Hitler, Soviet recognition of Polish “Lublin” or communist government d. Allied capture of Rome, Operation Overlord, Allied Capture of Cherbourg, Failed coup against Hitler, Soviet recognition of the Polish “Lublin” or communist government’
7. Reagan was re-elected in 1984 by an overwhelming majority; he lost only his opponent’s home state. Who was the Democratic opponent ______Walter Mondale____________________ and from which state did he come _Minnesota____________________________?
8. __d____During Reagan’s second term, the following was true except a. declining wealth for the middle class b. increasing poverty c. increasing racial and economic polarization d. vigorous efforts by the Reagan administration to deal with AIDS and “crack” epidemics
14. False_____ During Reagan’s presidency, the standard of living of divorced women declined while that of divorced men increased; in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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...). Here the “idea of faith” itself is the “instrument of justification” (Kang, 51). The debate continues, whether this concept is acceptable or not, between Catholics and Protestants. Works Cited Kang, Paul Chul Hong, Justification: The Imputation of Christ's Righteousness from Reformation Theology to the American Great Awakening and the Korean Revivals, New York: Peter Lang, 2006.Print. Luther, Martin, The Ninety-Five Theses on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences (95 Theses) (Mobi Classics), MobileReference, n.d.Print. McNeese, Tim, History of Civilization: The Reformation, Dayton OH: Lorenz Educational Press, 1999.Print. Wilhelm, Joseph. "Protestantism." The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 12. New York: Robert Appleton...
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