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Three things you can do with a pack of chewing gum - Essay Example

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Most people abandon the chewed gum after the taste of sweetness dissipates. However, the gum base which is discarded can be a magical and versatile…
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Three things you can do with a pack of chewing gum
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Download file to see previous pages Firstly, chewed gum can be used as an assistant tool for drawing contour lines. In most cases, contour lines are irregular, and they cannot be drawn by common tools. Designers usually leave the traces of mistakes visible to use as references for drawing the correct lines. However, being slightly confused by these reference marks is a common phenomenon during the process of professional drawing. Instead of using tentative care, chewed gum can be competently used as references in this context. The main ingredient of chewing gum is gum base. When the chewing gum is in people’s mouths, it gains elasticity with the help of saliva and bodily temperature (Saverson). This feature of elasticity means that the chewed gum can stretch to a long and narrow line. One interesting example of using the stretched chewed gum, is drawing contour lines on topographical maps. To do this, the individual must arrange the stretched chewed gum on the paper to show valleys hills, and the steepness of slopes. After the process of adjustment, they must then trace along the stretched chewed gum with pen. Finally, if they remove the line of chewed gum a neat curved line will remain. The flexibility of the chewed gum makes the adjustment much easier while the stickiness of it helps to adhere to the paper.
Another interesting and potentially useful characteristic of chewed gum is its stickiness. Some people use this characteristic for a special hobby – collecting insects. During the process of making insect specimens, an insect needle is a vital piece of equipment. However, sometimes the insects are physically too small to pitch the needle through. To keep the integrity of insect bodies, the stickiness of chewed gum can help to reach this goal. When making the specimen, the collector must first place the chewed gum into the prepared container. They must then use a lighter to burn the chewed gum for two to three seconds until the gum starts to melt. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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