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The future of e Marketing - Research Paper Example

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While marketing has long been an essential aspect of the business environment, it wasn’t until the late 20th century that e-marketing emerged as a central area of reaching customers. Since the emergence of e-marketing the form of marketing has experienced rapid change. A great…
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The future of e Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages McCole (2012) argues that the current wave of marketing is directly intertwined with such social media through COBRA and eWOM models. Among the prominent ways that such marketing occurs in social media is through campaigns that give discounts or deals to individuals that follow the specific organization on the social networking platform, such as Facebook or Twitter. Among prominent element of such marketing is through mobile technology. In these situations individuals grant marketers their cell phone number, and the specific organization can then engage in texting campaigns. Finally, specifically tailored marketing is occurring through data analysis that is gained through individuals’ interactions on social media networks.
While social media marketing constitutes the current wave of e-marketing, this research recognizes that with the rapid pace of technological change current trends will soon change. As such, it’s crucially important for organizations to consider the potential future of e-marketing. One prominent mode of thought has considered the aspects of the current marketing system that are unsustainable. An example of this is the current pay-per-click system. Facebook currently implements an advertising model where marketers pay a set fee every time a consumer clicks on a specific link. These models have been challenged by increasing manipulation of the data results, leaving both marketers and hosting bodies unable to gather accurate results. With this recognitions one can rightly assume that the future of e-marketing will still greatly be intertwined with search portals, leaving search engine optimization a major element of future marketing efforts.
Another major consideration in terms of the future of electronic marketing is the current state of email marketing. Email marketing has long been a cornerstone element of marketing efforts. Spam efforts persist, but more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Future of E Marketing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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