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Self-Portraits. Journal - Essay Example

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Painting as a form of art is used as a tool by artists to express their minds on the daily activities that surround them. Self portraits suggest a…
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Self-Portraits. Journal
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Download file to see previous pages This portrait was identified as a result of its connection to the icon of Christ. As an artist I give this talent of painting as a gift from God and that is why the painting shows hands in a position tat appears to be giving a blessing. My artistic work was not carnal but divinely oriented. It helps to show my ambition of acknowledging that talent is a gift from God (Koener 1997). The portrait was used to outline religious form of culture that identifies the tradition that Christ is the most superior identity. The brown color used in the painting suggests the solemn mood that reserved Christ’s passion within him since it is a cool color. The power of religion in artic works was identified as this portrait basically the author’s belief in his religion. This artistic work was done when the artist was twenty eight years old. This was a changeover period in the artist’s life that saw him move from youth to prime of life. It therefore, was a point of remembrance in the events that marked my life of achievements as an artist. The painting indicates a fashionable hairstyle where the artist is putting on simple but expensive clothing that enabled to bring out my youthful looks.
The artist drew him self in the appearance of God using the wonderful colors to suggest the goodness of him to humanity. The portrait is painted while facing in the viewers eyes in a solemn indicating his lack of emotions (Gideon 2006). As an artist he made himself in the image of Christ to portray his religious culture that God created man in own likeness and image. This shows the revelation of religious culture in the artist life since he has employed them through art. His noble dressing of a coat was contrary to a time when people dressing were accustomed to a certain dressing code. He stands out against the critics of his time through his artic works. The portrait indicates a high degree of talent that was discovered in my life while working in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Self-Portraits. Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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