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Influencial speaker - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Martin Luther King is widely known as an influential speaker such that, years after his death his speeches still remain relevant and influential in the lives of Americans as well as people worldwide. In fact, Martin Luther remains an inspiration to many speakers, including…
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Influencial speaker
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Download file to see previous pages Martin Luther King merged these things in his speech delivery, to become the most influential speaker of all time. This paper comments on the unique things evident in his speeches that made Martin Luther King stand out, as an influential speaker.
Martin Luther King made his world renowned speech titled I Have A Dream in 1963, at a march in Washington. From the speech, it is evident that Martin Luther sought to impress by carefully choosing the right speech mechanisms in voice articulation and production. Martin Luther also combined these excellent speech mechanisms with gestures such as moving around, maintaining eye contact with the audience and using his hands to place emphasis on key points in his speeches. Moreover, King employed both memorization and extemporaneous methods to deliver speeches that were inherently guided by the spiritual conviction within him. Martin Luther was able to bring out his passion on what he spoke about during his speeches, a fact that made his speeches captivating and memorable to his audience (Duffy and Leeman 269).
Another striking thing about Martin Luther as a speaker was his demeanor and appearance during his speeches. He spoke on serious political and spiritual matters that required him to be aptly dressed. Consequently, Luther chose a suit and a tie for his speeches, which helped sell his ideas, since the audience was able to perceive him as a serious man. Additionally, Luther recognized the fact that for any speech to be effective, the speaker needs to use language that is comprehensible, succinct and direct. As such, throughout his speeches, King employed a simple language that his audiences could easily comprehend. Further, Martin Luther arranged his points with such clarity and went directly to the essence of his speech. Indeed, Martin Luther used a language that came naturally him and infused it with emotions, so as to capture the audience and sway ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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