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English - reading the novel life before us and questions - Essay Example

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The main reason why Garry characterizes these two characters in regards to how they view time is that Garry wanted the reader to get a glimpse of both negative and positive impacts of time. The author wants…
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English - reading the novel life before us and questions
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Download file to see previous pages He then questions whether it is French. He further likens time to the desert with its camels that are not in hurry because they carry eternity on their back. In this instance, Momo relates time to how an aging man can change his appearance day by day until he eventually dies. This is why Momo gives his opinion about time and says that time is just a thief, meaning that time takes away people’s lives as they become older and older.
Momo was fascinated by the turn of events because he heard several voices at the same time. Someone was crying and asking the other not to kill him. However, the man kept on crying but the bastard wanted to kill him several times. This instance also fascinated Momo since he had never seen someone die more than once.
Momo was fascinated with the idea of reversing time because it reminded him of several issues that happened in the past. Reversing time created the impression that everyone must change his/her way of doing things. This is why when Momo rushed in as one man, he finds everyone walking backwards.
Madame Rosa believes that Monsieur Kadir Yousef who is allegedly Momo’s dad suffers from a mental problem. In his condition and because he is too emotional and gets annoyed by simple issues, Madame Rosa believes that Momo is not safe in his hands. Madame Rosa also plays a trick because she loves Momo so much that she could stand to see him suffering in hands of Kadir Yousef. Even though Kadir tries to convince Madame Rosa that he does not have violent fits anymore, Madame Rosa feels that he is not completely cured on that side.
Kadir’s story about commitment is not convincing since he did not clearly tell Madame Rosa why he could not stand emotion. Also, according to all he says, it is not possible to understand his intention of insisting to see the kid.
Momo remained silent because all along he did not know whether his father was dead or alive. In his silence, he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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