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Broken windwo theory in crime - Essay Example

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This theory works on the grounds that, in an attempt to understand the social disorders that are prevalent in the society, the basis of setting norms must be understood…
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Broken windwo theory in crime
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, in the real life situation, if the governments of the concerned states ensure that they institute proper monitoring policies, the state will have minimal issues to report that would relate to vandalism, since the urban areas are constantly under check. In fact, this is to mean that the number of rising cases of crimes would reduce on a higher rate, resulting in a situation whereby the country would be a more peaceful place prior to the scrutiny processes.
With the introduction of the theory in the early 1980s, it is expected that the beneficiaries of the theory have had immense benefits in terms of the restoring sense in the communal sphere, through reduced occurrences of crime. Over the years, it can arguably be justified to make the assumption that the theory has been a motivation to the complete banning of crime in the public, through restructuring of the policies of crime monitoring. Despite the fact that the theory has been debated on its validity and practicality, it is recommended that the positives of the theory be applied.
In the real life setting, the theory can be applied by the police taking part in the initiatives to conduct constant patrols in the streets so as to avert implementation of any kind of crimes that might have been planned. The theory can also be applied practically through establishment of community policing programs. With community policing functional in the society, it is obvious that both parties will join forces in ensuring that crime is forestalled collectively. Studies indicate that the tough economic conditions have resulted in a lot of youths indulging in criminal activities. All these can only be handled if the police forces restructure their policies on handling crime in the society. The costs of prevention can indeed not be measured alongside curbing of the effects. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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