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Laughing stock - Movie Review Example

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Live theatre experience is the best portrayal of a story because the actors’ delivery in real time relates to the audience for that specific performance. The actors in a live performance usually modify their performance to respond to the audience’s reactions. In the live…
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Laughing stock
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Extract of sample "Laughing stock"

Download file to see previous pages This essay is a response on the performance of the “Laughing stock” play.
Laughing stock, directed by Charles Morey, is an energetic backstage farce and affectionate view into the world of theatre with an appealing story about the bonds that form among actors at a minor, underfunded summer stock theatre. This play is about a group, which is trying to accomplish a certain goal against all odds. In the play, Business manager, Craig, is amazed with the high rise in number of pencils the actors are using. The technical director, Henry, is establishing sets, lighting and special effects for three shows without a budget while the funny and softhearted stage manager, Sarah, is a reality check when things get out of control (Bannon, 2012).
In the acting company, there was Ditzy Mary, who is not bright and Tyler who wants venture into Dracula and wonders what it means by being Undead. Vernon always has a comment about everything while Richfield who is always absent minded and cannot remember the names of the characters in “Dracule, The Prince of the Undead” and keeps forgetting the props. Jack who is young, talented and hardworking is ready to abandon theater for law school while Daisy is knitting at the backstage and wishing everyone well on their opening. Braun, neophyte actor and prop master, forgets which play he is involved in and loses Yorick’s skull for “Hamlet” (Bannon, 2012).
The actors’ performance was perfect, and the audience really enjoyed it as they laughed their hearts out. The whole audience was keen and attentive, and this proves that the play was interesting and entertaining throughout the whole session. The whole audience clearly heard and understood the actors who were energetic in the presentation of the play. The play was delivered in a professional manner including the way the actors utilized the stage in their movements. The standing ovation they kept receiving from the audience, further encouraged ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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