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John Trevena Chief of Police / Madison,NJ - Term Paper Example

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His appointment was well received by the community members as he had huge support from both the community residents and the members of the police…
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John Trevena Chief of Police / Madison,NJ
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Download file to see previous pages His policy is that a police officer can simply not do his job by sitting in his car he has to go out there and mingle with the community in order to carry out his job effectively. He also ensures that his fellow police officers are involved in the overall improvement of the force by allowing them make suggestions on how they can better improve police services to the community. Trevena believes that all the police officers have their roles to play and will only do so effectively if they are allocated their roles, nurtured towards performing them without any interference from their leader.
He believes that the success of the police force lies in the people not the leader. His leadership style is therefore focused towards the development of the individual to become better so as to better perform his/her functions. Being an ardent believer of the value of education and having being well educated himself, he ensures that his officers are also well educated and has seen them go to good training schools His leadership style can be attributed to his education and the values of scouting acquired from his scouting days as a young boy which he says inspired him to the path of law enforcement (DeBellis, 2011).
The Madison police force has seen significant organizational changes under the leadership of John Trevena. For example in order to minimize on costs and work within a leaner budget, Trevena disbanded some units in the department to have 26 sworn officers and three civilians as of 2012. He also adopted the use of electronic scheduling system in an attempt to eliminate printing and paper costs. He also reduced overtime for the workers so as to minimize on wages. The department is also anticipating a narrow band for the radio system which will also reduce costs (Keill, 2012).
These measures are however minimal as the department is still facing a revenue gap. In an attempt to bridge this gap, chief Trevena has resolved to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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