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Museum research paper - Essay Example

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He lived during the last half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, notable between 1886 and 1944. A Russian, born in Moscow and grew in Odessa, Wassily initially worked as a…
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Museum research paper
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Download file to see previous pages It is based on the passion with abstract art and the first record abstract paint of Wassily that he is considered the father of abstract art (Varnedoe 2006, p15). The painting ‘Untitled Improvisation-1914’ is one of Wassily’s painting work in abstract with depth and meaning in the use of colours and lines. It is a more refined and developed piece of art in a series that emerge from about 1906. The painting is done during the onset of World War I, a very important aspect in understanding the theme colors and the messages conveyed by the picture.
The Nazis of Germany were actively involved in the war, a war of race, and so Wassily, who was a professor, was then forced to move back to his home country (Düchting, 2008, p58). This information forms the background of the abstract painting, with no particular object painted but nonetheless, rich in internal beauty and spiritual understanding as Wassily himself described Art.
The artist Wassily had a special approach to art which was very unique and independent, only witnessed among those who appreciate abstract art (Flux, 2002, p42). He was devoted to inner beauty of art work and had spiritual desire for his artistic impressions. This was achieved by colour as can be seen in this painting. The circumstance inspiring Wassily to paint ‘Untitled Improvisation III, 1914’ is the troubles of the war era. This is indicated by the extensive use of black paint on the background. From the museum however, explanations are given as to why the painting was by oil paint on cardboard, the original material.
Wassily, in painting this art piece, was inspired by the concept of music as in the paintings before. He believed that painting was like composing music and so was to communicate messages in a sequential manner so as to get it across by use of colours and shadings of various thicknesses (Bill, Max, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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