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Effects of Media Interpretation for Citizen Evaluation of Political Campaigns - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Most political parties have utilized media to announce campaign activities and venues for party meetings. This is always in an attempt…
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Effects of Media Interpretation for Citizen Evaluation of Political Campaigns
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Extract of sample "Effects of Media Interpretation for Citizen Evaluation of Political Campaigns"

Download file to see previous pages “The Effects of Media Interpretation for Citizen Evaluations of Politicians Messages” is an article written by Wolak and Fogarty in 2008 and was based on a research they conducted on the effect of media on how citizens view politician’s messages. The two researchers noted that the information most citizens obtain nowadays is not the original or firsthand news from the politicians. Instead the message is interpreted by journalists and media first then relayed to the public. Thus the article compares public’s view of the two sides of information relay. Using experiments, it considers whether the media influences politicians’ power to persuade and communicate to the public. The researchers evaluated the reaction of people to different methods of information relay. The article reports how media relays information affects the public. Media has a tendency of focusing on conflicts and strategies of political parties create negativity of the public towards such parties and government as a whole. For politicians, media interpretation means the public will receive information from the journalists’ point of view. This may be positive or negative to them depending on how the public perceives the news. It may weaken or increase the likelihood of public’s acceptance of Politian’s’ claims. The two parties, politicians and media, have different reasons for communicating to the public. While politicians aim at convincing and persuading the public about their policies, the media mainly does this to increase their ratings and make more money. The outcome of the research proved that the public prefers communication directly from the politicians compared to the media interpretation. They are more convinced directly than by journalists. That is, there is some common truth that many people prefer first hand information than the reported information from media houses.
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