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Saving Water - Essay Example

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Iraq is a country blessed with immense fresh water resources whereas America is country which is struggling to cater the needs of the…
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Saving Water
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Download file to see previous pages Water scarcity is a big problem now everywhere and the possibility of wars in future for the control of water resources cannot be ruled out. This paper analyses the importance of saving water and the consequences of not doing that.
Along with food and oxygen, water is an essential commodity for all living things to sustain their life on this earth. Nobody can sustain their life with the help of food and oxygen alone. Water is necessary for many of the bodily functions. “Though our Earth is made up of 2/3 water, only 1/100 of that water is drinkable”(Save Water Slogans). In other words, availability of drinking water resources is limited. It should be noted that the population size is growing at alarming rate as time goes on. Thus the demand for drinking water is growing day by day. At the same time available fresh water or drinking water resources are getting polluted because of the injudicious activities of human. These facts clearly suggest that water shortage is going to be a big problem in future unless we take proper actions to save water now.
Over-consumption of water leads to the over-consumption of another non-renewable resource, energy. Water in your home must be heated for a number of uses, such as cleaning and bathing, and this takes energy. Additionally, your local water utility must use energy to process and deliver water to your home, so the over-consumption of water requires more energy out of the utility company as well (Csiszar).
Water is used for power generation in many countries. Hydroelectric power is one of the major energy sources for many countries. Water flowing through the rivers is stored with the help of dams and this water is used to operate huge turbines for power production. Water may become ineffective for power production after it reaches the ocean. In short, saving or storing of water before it reaches ocean is necessary to solve our water scarcity problems.
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