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Crime Prevention in Schools: Should Schools be Burdened with Teaching Crime Prevention to Students Why or Why not - Research Paper Example

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This short paper examines the issue of crime prevention by stating that schools should be burdened with teaching crime prevention to students. Studies have also shown that most school based crime intervention programs are more effective in curbing crime among the youth and the wider society. …
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Crime Prevention in Schools: Should Schools be Burdened with Teaching Crime Prevention to Students Why or Why not
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Extract of sample "Crime Prevention in Schools: Should Schools be Burdened with Teaching Crime Prevention to Students Why or Why not"

Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that teachers are better placed to understand the students’ psychology and thus can assist parents and other crime prevention agencies in guiding the youth to the right direction. With the right knowledge in crime prevention and child psychology, teachers can greatly assist in fighting crime by offering correct lessons, advice and knowledge to students. It is worth mentioning that, children spend a large proportion of their time in schools, hence makes the school the ideal place to learn how to prevent crime.
This report makes a conclusion that the debate whether schools should be burdened with teaching crime prevention to students or not, will definitely continue. However, from the above discussion, it is clear that allowing schools to teach crime prevention will not only improve the safety of schools but of the whole society. As mentioned in the paper schools are better placed to teach crime prevention because allowing schools to teach crime prevention helps to address and curb potential antisocial behavioral patterns in youth at early stage. Teachers have an immense role as a part of crime prevention in among the youth. Strict rules and regulations about safety cannot fully succeed without crime prevention lessons. In addition, teachers are better placed to understand the students’ psychology, therefore in better position to teach crime prevention in schools. In the words, of Thomas its time for schools to play a more proactive role in crime prevention, a role that can enhanced by allowing them to teach crime prevention. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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