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Stereotyping Arabs and Muslims by Hollywood : a visual analysis - Essay Example

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The print media can be said as one of the culprits that portrayed Arabs and Muslims in a stereotyped image that is often uncharacteristic of the real Arab and Muslim culture and nature. Arabs and Muslims are typically portrayed in pictures as terrorists, war mongerer, violent,…
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Stereotyping Arabs and Muslims by Hollywood : a visual analysis
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Extract of sample "Stereotyping Arabs and Muslims by Hollywood : a visual analysis"

Download file to see previous pages According to Hocks , Critiquing and production in digital and writing environment have impacted on the return of Rhetorical principles. We can infer this typical stereotyping from pictures or visuals which do not require audience to have an impression about what Arabs and Muslims are. The visuals resemble the bad perception about a certain group of people with a distinct culture without even inquiring the essence of Mohammedism.This stereotyping is typical and often feeds and enflames on the prejudice against Muslims and Arabs. It rides on the negative aspect of visuals, or capitalizing on the negative emotional connotation and impression about Arab and to sell as visual prints by highlighting Arabs and Muslims and bad people as initially conveyed by some pictorial visuals.
This is quite effective because this approach appeals to the basic instinct of the people which is fear. Fear is common among most people and visuals use these to elicit interest among the audience who access the pictures by demonizing Arabs and Muslims on the basis of fear. For instance, pictures depicting Arab and Muslims in most cases always portray them when they are shouting in groups as if they are protesting about something or as if they are almost engaging in war with a rival religion or other groups of people. The media takes pictures where particular group of Muslims are all shouting with their mouths wide open and frowned violent faces (Hocks 640-643).
Some of the visuals are not usually logical in nature and tend to be more of satirical to the Arab or Muslim community. For instance, a picture of an Arab wielding a sword but smiling at the same time. In such a case they tend to convey the message that Arabs and Muslims are by nature violent and find pleasure in killing or even unleashing terror.Furtherly describing religious stereotyping of Arabs and the unfair prejudice directed upon them is the fact that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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