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Wrongful Convictions - Assignment Example

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It is certainly sad to realize the astonishing statistics displaying the manner in which innocent people have been wrongfully convicted in the United States. Sure enough, the criminal justice system is one of the most delicate organs in its core function of dispensing justice to…
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Wrongful Convictions
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Download file to see previous pages languishing in jails has recently triggered series of advocacy efforts in order to bring sanity and create order in the system Above all, the fundamental concern in this regard lies in giving justice to each and every member of the society.
The case of the United States v. Wade is a clear demonstration of the concept of wrongful convictions that normally affect society. However, unlike in this particular case, certain cases are never appealed and innocent people end up convicted and jailed or executed. In the case of United States v. Wade, it is realized that the crime took place on 21st September, 1964 when a bank in Texas was robbed at a time when two of its employees were actually inside. Later on 24th March, 1965, Joe Wade and two other people were charged with robbing the bank. Upon his arrest, Wade was represented by a counsel who had been appointed for that purpose. When an FBI agent arranged for a lineup in the courthouse in order to trace the culprits, it was unfortunate enough that Wade did not have his counsel present. The two employees present at that time therefore identified Wade as the robber. The same occurrence took place at the trial. However, the two employees were examined to seek any connection with the previous lineup.
However, Wade’s defense pushed for his acquittal on the premise that the lineup was in violation of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. The court nevertheless refused that motion and Wade was convicted. The Fifth Circuit however reversed the conviction on the very premise that the lineup was in violation to the Sixth Amendment given that it was done in the absence of the defendant’s counsel (Dressler 65).
The point of defense in the original trial was the feeling that the lineup was not in tandem with the Fifth and Sixth amendments. The defense categorically argued that the lineup was conducted in the absence of a counsel and could not therefore be used as the basis for making decision on the case. On the Fifth Amendment, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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