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Commercialized Sport - Essay Example

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The participation in the sports brings out revenue to the people who are directly concerned. This is an indication that participation in…
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Commercialized Sport
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Download file to see previous pages In the current developing world, commercialization of sports is a prevalent activity that has employed a large number of people. This is a considerable employment opportunity just like any other employment opportunity in to the sectors of the economy.
There are some ethical issues that are involved in the commercialization of sports in the Midwest state university. First of all, commercialization of sports in the institution will jeopardize the educational activities that are in the school. With the commercialization of sports in the institution, some of the educational activities like lecturers, educational debates and exhibitions. Commercialization of the sports will only dwell on the physical activities that are involved in commercial sports. Therefore, the students will have lesser time scheduled for their educational activities. They will only be compelled to participate in the ball games and other commercial activities. In the end, the students will reflect a redundant performance in their education. Secondly, there are some students in learning institutions that do not have an interest in commercialized sports (French, 27). They are inclined to their education and have an interest in ensuring they have a better performance through their education. In actual sense, some students have low regards for sports. Therefore, increasing the participation time for commercialized sports is likely to reflect a disadvantage to such students. Lastly, there is a social issue that involves attaining cash in early stages of life. Some students may emerge to have talents in the stated sports (Morgan, 51-55). The stake holders and controllers of such sports may jeopardize the learning of such student s and introduce them to more professional and commercialized sports. In the end, the students will drop out of school.
Before getting on this particular project, there are a number of people that should certify the event. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Commercialized Sport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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