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Sab 334 unit 8 - Essay Example

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Indeed, the achievement of gender parity in sports activities is a journey that is much far from being accomplished. In any case, challenges normally…
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Sab 334 unit 8
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Download file to see previous pages Without doubt, women sports will become a core agenda in the sports fraternity contrary to the present preoccupation where men dominate the field.
Title IX was a great milestone in ensuring a proper representation of all sexes in the activities that receive federal funding. As a portion of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the provision totally bans the exclusion of anybody from participation of any program that receives federal aid (Suggs, 2005). The success of this enactment in achieving gender parity has indeed been realised in several sectors of life in the United States. However, most people are not normally aware of the limits of this act and in most cases its execution is normally hampered by the lack of information.
The challenge in the implementation of Title IX came with the general feeling that it was seen to compromise the quality of certain sports like athletics where male dominance was seen as a core revenue earner for the United States. On that regard, several amendments were proposed to exclude certain sports from the general coverage of this enactment in order to ensure male dominance in these areas. Whichever the case, challenges normally emerge in this implementation as the provision affected the sports teams’ representation in most colleges across the country.
The implementation of the enactment was further limited by the initial feeling that most school programs were not affected. However, Title IX covers all educational institutions and therefore requires that all college teams and their gender representation to be made open in order to determine the aspects of gender representation. Rampant sex discrimination dominated most fields like math and science education and in sports activities. In that respect, Title IX applies to all schools that receive federal funding. All the activities in such schools like sports are also included in this enactment even though they do not receive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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