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The Apple Company has been known to focus more on gaining customer satisfaction. This has been achieved through innovation strategy. This company’s innovation strategy focuses…
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Core Strategy by Apple Company This following article examines the core marketing strategy used by Apple Company on its products. The Apple Company has been known to focus more on gaining customer satisfaction. This has been achieved through innovation strategy. This company’s innovation strategy focuses primarily on placing the company within its current innovation trends in the industry. The company has been a pace setter in the market through innovation in its products (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010).
More recently, the company has developed some of its products such as the iPhone 4 and the iPad 3. These products cut an edge over the competitors in the value of technology used. Apple Company identifies whether or not it is effective in developing new products, and what impacts they have on the market. For example, this has been done through the inclusion of improvised features that the competitors have yet to develop. An example is the use of iMessage, and iCloud, which allows the users to save data through its cloud computing services. The data may include music files and video footage for download to multiple devices (Fifield, 2007).
This innovative feature gives them an edge over rivals such as Motorola, Nokia, and BlackBerry. Moreover, the company has gone ahead to use intellectual rights on the product. This includes patent rights. It right protects the product from being used by other competitors or from competitors developing a similar product. For the company to acquire a large market share and increase their sales, the company has emphasized on the use of this technique of innovation to its current market status (Schnaars, 1998).
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MARKETING ISSUE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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