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Personal aspect of your own Hero's Journey - Assignment Example

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This means that, in any biography of a hero, his biography is of immense importance. The sub-stages of heroes making include; birth, the external…
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Personal aspect of your own Heros Journey
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Download file to see previous pages The success of the hero is a celebration to all the people around. In general, the hero departure, initiation and return are crucial.
An example story of a hero is a story that spread all over in ma early age. The story was about the existence of a superman. This refers to super natural beings that were capable of doing anything that seemed to challenge the normal human beings. At first, the stories about superman made me choose him as my mentor though I had never seen him. The works that I believed he could do play a main challenge to the things that I could achieve in my future life. To make my vision come true, I used to do several trials that I imagined of which some of them remain unachievable.
The story stated that there existed a powerful man who could do massive kinds of jobs in a few seconds. Born and brought up under hard conditions but sailed through the challenges. At an early age, he went for an unknown journey, walked through the hell of enemies in thick forests and overcame all. He destroyed large gatherings of attackers on the way and killed most of them instantly. His return was also successful fulfilling the main stages of a hero. This made the superman famous all over the area. Nobody knew of his place of residence though he moved round the village most of the time. This made most of the children who heard the story has a phobia any time they heard of him. The fact of the tale story about the superman could not be determined since the story was a myth.
The superstitions instilled in my mind have taken more time than I expected to disappear. Through the research, I have succeeded in; I have come to realize that the myth about superheroes is just but an ancient myth that cut across various communities. The parent’s main aim is to put fear among the young generation to make them responsible adults. The life of children is full of playoffs, and in the end, they may end up in troubles ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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