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Software to Support Assessment of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan - Essay Example

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Setting up a fully secure classroom is not only possible as with the emergence of new technologies standards not only enhances the corporations operations, but also gives vandals an upper hand in compromising information. Only employing effective policies for the security…
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Software to Support Assessment of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
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Download file to see previous pages I am supposed to click to and fro through many pages. I am forced to look at pictures of commodities whether I want to or not, whilst attempting to find the product that I need. As a student, I am bound to figure out that the design of this website is flat. Whilst the criteria are split into sub-segments, these sub-segments are not visually identified in navigation. Therefore, in the organization platform section, there is not a single item in the look of the course-plotting links to inform the student that all administration platforms are a different sub-segment from other types of administration platforms. Additionally, varying commodities exhibited and sold on this website are supposed to be the leading items even if it means navigating through this website through the “all” criterion. Every sub-segment is supposed to have its individual color piece so that it is distinct where the student is on the website (Williams, Boone and Kingsley, 2004, p. 213). Adding a “quick search” section would enable a student to simply list all commodities or services on one page. Utilizing the uncomplicated visual technology, it is likely to have the picture for every commodity come forth when the cursor is moved above the product.
Visual recognition is still existent. The stocking of the commodity is slow and makes the impression of a heavy site. Is a student looks at the home page of a commodity’s criterion; there is a huge chance that they will look at the following page. Consequently, preloading the pictures for the following pages in the background will be helpful. Such an approach will make the pictures appear on the following pages. The commodity data is surrounded by exceedingly additional visual dialogue. It is similar to attempting to hear trades tone in a noisy room. The segment that deals with the number of people who purchased a certain commodity is very busy and distracts new students (Williams, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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