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History of Florence italy - Essay Example

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Italy was well known in the 15th century due to the creativity and artistic career, the artists used to visit Firenze in order to display their prowess in artwork. Florence was among the competitors though she managed to grab the centre stage among five competitions, which were…
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History of Florence italy
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Download file to see previous pages The popes encountered disagreements among themselves due to the difference in political alliances especially between the Italian and French popes who lived in Rome, and Avignon respectively. Any religious believer serving two popes, was intolerable and would be considered as a kin to being in hopeless/helpless passenger in an over speeding driverless automobile that would claim passenger’s life unsympathetically (Bonechi 43).
The resolution to the pope issue was settled in a conference organized in 1409 which led to the appointment of a third pope, though the situation continued for a while till one pope settled on in 1417. The new pope led to resilience and creation of the papal state with the headquarters based in Italy. Due to the creation of a papal state all the tithes and funding directed to the church had to be channeled into one coffer, referred to as papal banker based in Florence (Bonechi 49).
By the 15th Century Florence had already been famous and prosperous historically with fortunes in the banking industry and wool trades. However, the Black Death had wiped out the Italian population in the 14th century which resulted in bankruptcy of two banks. This led to occasional famine and civil unrest coupled with plague outbreak episodes and calamities which wobbled and shook Florence and its economy for a while (Bonechi 15).
During the famine and economic strive, Florentines declined to be dominated by others, leading to repulsion of both Naples and Milan’s unwelcoming advancement. Due to the repulsion, Florence gained more power than it had during the pre- Plague forging ahead to secure Pisa as one of its port (this was a geographical item which Florence had not enjoyed previously) (Bonechi 38).
During the third competition, the humanist believed that man was purportedly created in the image of God (Judea Christian) and given the ability to balance ideas in a meaningful manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History of Florence Italy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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