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A short story - Essay Example

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Since time immemorial, it has always been the fascination of mankind to see an intelligent being from aother planet. Yet, aside from rumors that extra territestrials had been caught or found, nothing…
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A short story
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Download file to see previous pages Nobody took Professor X’s effort seriously dismissing that the Professor has been chasing a pipe dream of looking for something that does not exist. A wasted genius they say. But still, Professor X continued beaming his signals into the outer space. Then suddenly, a response. Professor X was ecstatic, he himself cannot believe that his radio transmission were returned. For the first time in the history of science, a contact was made with an intelligent creature light years away.
Through the help of a team of expert of linguists, Professor X’s team were able to understand the language of the alien. The creature’s name was Apex. He was a male and an astronaut from the Planet Gaul of the Lunar System Ephsus who just like Professor X, has also been scouring through the stars for a possible contact with an intelligent being. They are as excited to have made a contact from another planet just as the people of the Earth.
After months of exchanges of information about each other’s planet and civilization, it was finally decided that an official meet up and physical contact should be made. Earth does not have the technology yet to visit Planet Gaul so it was agreed that it will be Apex’s team who would be visiting the Earth. According to Professor X’s estimate, the aliens will be arriving on earth six months from now.
Necessary preparations were made for the arrival of Apex’s party. All honors were conferred to Professor X who rose to sudden popularity due to his recent contact with an extra terrestrial being. He also received unlimited funding from the United Nation’s for his research and was made in-charge of the receiving party since it was only Professor X who was privy in communicating with Apex’s party.
The day arrived. Apex made an excited announcement that his ship has already landed in the designated landing field which Dr. X prepared for Apex’s arrival. Yet Dr. X cannot find the ship. He asked for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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