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Ethical analysis - Essay Example

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As a result, medical practitioners are faced with a challenge of keeping patient information private. However, confidentiality is not always an absolute obligation for general practitioners…
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Ethical analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Even though practitioners are expected to keep the confidentiality of patient information, Richard’s case demonstrates a need to disclose the test results to his spouse. It is argued that, medical situations in which more harm would result from keeping patient information private justify breaching of the obligation of confidentiality (Cornock 18). Richard who has been away in Botswana for four moths contracted HIV and it is necessary that his wife knows the status of her husband so that she would be protected from contracting the virus. For this reason, I would contact the wife and disclose the results. However, the disclosure of Richard’s condition to his wife has to be done in the most appropriate and professional manner. This means that I will first try to counsel the husband as to why the wife needs to be informed about his condition.
To protect the health of others from cross transmission of infections, practitioners are obliged to provide relevant information to the parties who are at risk of contacting a disease or infection (Kipnis 7). The decision to inform the wife is reached for the sake of her health. The wife would be informed in two ways. I would persuade the husband to inform the wife by himself and subscribe counseling sessions for the couple. It is possible that Richard could refuse this because he seems adamant to keep this information private. Therefore, I will contact the wife and arrange for a consultation and counseling session with her. During the meeting with Richard’s wife, I would inform her about the health condition of the husband in the most straightforward manner. This will be followed by a counseling session in which I will advice her that she and the husband would live positively regardless of his positive HIV status.
My duty of care is towards the whole family. If the wife is informed about her husband’s condition, she would take measures of protecting herself from being infected by her husband. In this case, I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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