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Perhaps the idea of selling human organs is too repulsive to be countenanced as a solution of saving the lives of ailing patients considering the horrors that were reported about its trade. These repulsion may been brought by the cases where the grim details of illegal sale of…
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To be determe
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Download file to see previous pages There were also news about illegal organ harvesting from prisoners who were executed in China ( Due to this horrific circumstances, organ selling remains to be illegal in the United States as enunciated in the principles written down by Congress in 1984 in the National Organ Transplantation Act that only allows the acquisition of organs through donation (Kass 67)
This perspective however is slowly changing considering the issues wrought by the banning of organ sales. In America, an average of 11 people die everyday while waiting for transplant and thousands more are dying and/or already died while waiting for an organ donor (Sally 84). Despite the prohibition of its sale, the black market for organ trade continues to thrive and is even encouraged by the ban to the detriment and peril of its donors. The realization that organ sale cannot be stopped and the widening chasm between the availabe organs and the number of people dying while waiting called for a reconsideration and rethinking of this position (Ritter).
Organ trade will continue to exist no matter how strongent its sale is prohibited. Making organ sale illegal will not automatically mean that it will not take place. In fact, this prohibition is the very reason that encouraged the black market to thrive as organ sale is becoming a luxurious business endeavor. This is because supply is being contracted due to the prohibition of its sale while the demand continues to escalate. Making organ sale illegal only makes those who are willing or forced to sell their organs vulnerable with the absense of proper medical care which aggravated the problem further.
Prohibition of organ sale also widens the chasm between the unmet need for organ transplant and the available organ. As a result, people die due to the non-availabilit of organ while those who acquired it often do so through illegal means to the detriment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To Be Determe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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