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What are the essential features of one of the following welfare states: a) France, b) Russia, c)Spain - Essay Example

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A welfare state can be defined as a way of government in which the state plays a very important role in ensuring the economic and social welfare of its citizens. Usually, a welfare state is run on the principles of equality of opportunity, equal distribution of money and…
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What are the essential features of one of the following welfare states: a) France, b) Russia, c)Spain
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Extract of sample "What are the essential features of one of the following welfare states: a) France, b) Russia, c)Spain"

Download file to see previous pages In France, social protection is developed on the basis of the concept of solidarity. This fact is very evident from the first article of the French Code of Social Security. In order to achieve this solidarity, the nation has adopted the strategy of developing and extending solidarities.
The beginning of the welfare state in France can be traced back to the first half of the twentieth century; and since then, the means and institutions adopted by the Government in introducing welfare state was Bismarckian in nature. That means the efforts were to introduce social insurance through old age pensions, accident insurance, medical care, and unemployment insurance. As a result, the social insurance strategy in France first appeared in the form of employment insurance. In order to provide welfare, there are organisations called la securite sociale. This system ensures income maintenance, healthcare, and personal and social services.
The second important point is that in France, all benefits are earning-related. That means the entitlement to benefits is based upon ones record of contribution in the past. As Palier (2006) points out, in France, the welfare system has various programmes ranging from health care, old age pension, family and unemployment insurance, and the entire system is organised outside the government and managed by social partners.
However, the most important feature is that the funding for social welfare mainly comes from contributions by employees and employers as the concept of mutuality is highly stressed. For example, 66% of the money for social security schemes comes from the contributions made by employers and employees to social security. Also, 21% of the income comes from various taxes and contributions including the general social contribution that is decided on the basis of household incomes.
Social security contributions are not considered as taxes but are mandatory payments to be made by the self-employed, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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