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About Apple - Essay Example

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is a multinational corporation based in various countries including the United States and they design and also sell electronics like computers, phones, iPad and iPods. It is a globally trusted producers and supplier of the best quality making. The company also designs…
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About Apple
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Download file to see previous pages being loved by money, it faces competition from companies such as Google, Microsoft (in terms of computer software design and production) and other phone making companies in Asia like in China for example which mass produces cheap phones. This made Apple come up with a strategy that would make their products and especially the phone more appealing. They decided to have graffiti in and on their phones in a bid to promote art and also attract art lovers.
This graffiti started becoming so popular in late last decade. It became popular because people could now personalize their phones not only in the applications through handwriting but also on the covers of the iPhone. Due to the fact that many individuals had the iPhones, the graffiti was welcome to distinguish people’s phones and portray not only the artistic intelligence of an individual but also it could communicate a lot about a person just by observing the graffiti on a person’s iPhone.
Vandalism according to Apple is destruction of the beauty of their products for example the iPhone. Vandalism involves use of bad art like bad drawings on the cover of the iPhone in the name of beautifying it and in the long destroys its durability and even some of its features and application. Street art on the other hand is the graffiti done on the iPhone by people in the streets. These people are not necessarily authorized by Apple to work for them but they bring the graffiti from the shop to the street. Some may vandalize the product but majority really personalize the iPhone based on the owner’s liking and tastes (Banksy 102).
There are types of graffiti that are classified and considered vandalism while others are considered art; this is because of many reasons. One of the reasons depends on who painted or drew the graffiti. If it was carried out by an inexperienced and untalented person, then it is bad and considered vandalism compared to if it was carried by a professional who would make it be considered art. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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About Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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