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What is the role of the Arab League and Saudi Arabia in settling the conflict between Hamas and Fatah - Essay Example

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This militant group emerged in the 1980s, and its aim was to wipe Israel out of existence in the Middle East. Many Arab nations do not view Israel as their own; hence, they have for years opposed its creation…
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What is the role of the Arab League and Saudi Arabia in settling the conflict between Hamas and Fatah
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Extract of sample "What is the role of the Arab League and Saudi Arabia in settling the conflict between Hamas and Fatah"

Download file to see previous pages Hamas became more popular than its rival party, Fatah (McGeough, 2009). In the January 2006 elections, Hamas amassed majority seats in parliament and became the lead player in the Palestinian government. However, the West and the US have viewed Hamas as a terrorist group due to its violence activities directed towards Israel and its allies.
Fatah, founded in 1965 by the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization Yasser Arafat, is the mainstream Palestinian nationalist movement. It has run the Palestinian Authority since 1994, when it took control of the Palestinian areas following the Oslo accords. Fatah, whose strongest support base lies in the West Bank, recognizes Israels right to exist and is formally committed to peace talks with Israel. But growing disenchantment with the leadership among ordinary Palestinians led to the party losing Palestinian elections to Hamas in January 2006 and becoming part of a coalition government. Since June 2007, its authority has been confined to the West Bank (Jāmiʻat al-Kuwayt, 2011).
The interest of the Arab League in the Palestinian cause has continued, despite the apparent impotence and loss of credibility in making applicable decisions, and effectively implementing them on the ground. ‘Amr Musa, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, has been concerned with the Palestinian cause as the central Arab cause in the Arab world, But the complexities brought to light the official Arab regime incapacity to adopt a unified stance on its implications. This had an impact on the Arab Summit Conference held in Damascus, which was boycotted by some Arab countries. In its meetings, the Arab League has been calling for lifting the siege on the GS, reopening the crossings, and achieving national reconciliation between Hamas and the PA in Ramallah, without achieving any of these objectives (Jāmiʻat al-Kuwayt, 2011).
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