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Comparrison between Aviation biofuel and the other types of fuel that are used now for airplanes - Essay Example

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The other day, the United States government was facing a major crisis on the uprise of fuel cost. It is now a whole new development on the aviation scene. Researchers have been looking for ways for the past decade, which…
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Comparrison between Aviation biofuel and the other types of fuel that are used now for airplanes
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Extract of sample "Comparrison between Aviation biofuel and the other types of fuel that are used now for airplanes"

Download file to see previous pages Biofuel (96) is an old method that existed back in 500AD when revolution was taking place. People back then used to recycle waste materials to ignite their newly invented machines. This method of recycling went on until new forms of ignition evolved. Apparently airline companies are looking for ways in which they can cost on fossil fuels which are being used in this new modern era. Researchers have found that the usage of biofuel is still possible even without modernizing the ignition engines like in cars. Although this is concluded research has been made, there still lay some concern about using the biofuel in aviation as compared to the other fuel that is being used such as gasoline and fossil fuels. These concerns are in form of pros and con of using either of the two kind of fuel in aviation (96).
The advantages of using bio-fuels would be its environmentally balanced carbon (IV) oxide impact, its capability to become a sustainable fuel, and it may result in lower engine emissions. This emission are named greenhouse gas emissions which poised to grow, as air travel increases and ground vehicles use more alternative fuels like ethanol. Currently, aviation represents two percent of global emissions, but is expected to grow to three by 2050(Eliasson, Riemer & Wokaun 1999). In addition, long-term solutions are said to dramatically reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Therefore, alternate fuels with low to zero carbon content, such as liquid hydrogen or liquid methane, might be used. The need to build fuel efficient aircraft and operating them more efficiently; the need to change the fuel source is one of the few options the aviation industry has in order to reduce its carbon. Hydrogen electric and solar propelled aircraft are in research, there are no expectations that they will be feasible in the near or term due to aviations need for high power-to-weight ratio and globally compatible infrastructure (Eliasson, Riemer & Wokaun, 1999). Therefore, in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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