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(Love) Emergency Management: Executive Briefing - Assignment Example

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See Exhibit A. The probability of having such emergency declarations per year stands at 91.67%. That does not mean there were no major…
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(Love) Emergency Management: Executive Briefing
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Download file to see previous pages the years 2000 to 2011, which has reached 192, an average of 16 reported emergency disasters per year should oblige all people and offices to be prepared at all times. Floods, destruction by hurricanes, fire, earthquakes, terroristic acts, and severe economic problems can result in emergency measures. At a time when economic crisis exacted heartaches to homeowners and businesses since the 2009 recession, $ 52 billion was lost last year alone out of the 12 disasters, according to the USA Today news by Doyle Rice (2011, par.3 ). Climate change made up of tornadoes, floods, drought, blizzard, hurricane, and wildfires killed over 1,000 Americans last year (par. 4).
Preventive maintenance as well as imperative preparations for calamities should be planned and implemented as soon as possible. Alternatively, fatal business disruptions will result in loss of jobs, loss of profits, aside from losses due to damages of physical properties and loss of innocent lives. Top management must make it a policy for the entire organization to be fully ready for potential calamities. In addition, employees will have to be educated, obliged, and spot-checked as to their preparedness for emergencies. These compulsory steps will certainly lessen the incident of death due to lack of knowledge and provisions when an emergency happens. Guidelines like those ensuring that all company furniture and fixtures cannot collapse on anybody because of an earthquake, utilizing durable materials and architectural designs which will be difficult for powerful hurricanes to destroy, and the multiple provisions for places of refuge during heavy rains and consequent floods should be formulated as soon as possible, and then communicated for immediate implementations. Every organization should start allocating a budget for structural changes – from frail, wooden or glass parts of the offices to concrete and steel combinations, just to cite an example. The people must know where to go in case of fire, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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