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Film Music Appreciation - Term Paper Example

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In most cases, music scores are composed in orchestras. Films have background music, which help in ensuring that the story in the film flows in an entertaining and understandable manner. In…
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Film Music Appreciation
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Download file to see previous pages Film scores before the 1930s were not sophisticated enough compared to what is being experienced now. The technology at that time limited music in film, motion pictures were soundless. In theaters, to enhance the experience of plays, producers included playing piano and other musical instruments to match up the scenes in the play. The development of music score started in the 1930s, at this time classical music was commonly included in the film. The following decade, 1940s, saw the inclusion of music score in films to improve the characters and plots in the film. During the half part of 20th century, 1950s, music score became symphonic. Music composers were intrigued with including different genres of music in film and Jazz was one of them since it was cheap to compose. In the 1960s, more advancement in the field of film score was witnessed in the form of including rock music in a movie as a sound track. In the 1970s, composers of film music focused on perfecting the techniques of film score in movies. From the 1980s, through the 1990s on to the 21st century, tremendous developments have been achieved. In particular, composing of music has taken a new dimension. Currently composing of film score is not only limited to orchestras, but synthesized sounds have become a common inclusion in films. It has become cheap and faster to compose film scores since through technology one person is capable of producing music with various instrumental sounds at a shorter time (Wierzbicki 36).
The film director is highly instrumental when it comes to the time of defining the function of a film score in a particular film. The main function of a film score is providing the movie with music. The music is necessary in that it helps in the exemplification of a scene. Source music is included in the film with the objective of making the characters react to it. The reaction is through a character playing music or in a different case the characters hearing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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