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Universal Design of Learning - Case Study Example

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Provide a scenario and create a lesson plan explaining how you will use these strategies. Justify the how combined both methods can create an effective Universal…
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Universal Design of Learning
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Download file to see previous pages These instructional methods can be modifications or accommodations.
An accommodation method implies an adjustment to the teaching practices to occupy change of setting and scheduling. Basically the accommodation focuses on the change of format according to the accessibility of the student.
A modification method implies to modify the material as per students requirements. Modification depends on modifying the learning, level of difficulty, level of excellence required through that learning, the way of testing that excellence and any other aspect of learning.
For example, in case a student is facing difficulty in reading or has visual impairments. The school may choose to provide him\ a book with big printed letters on it i.e. an accommodation method or may substitute the previous book with a short or easy book with same learning level i.e. a modification method. A school may choose to give him either one or both methods to make an effective design for learning.
1. It can be decided to give lesser subjects to students or shorten the length of each subject. The school may choose to skip less important course areas in devising strategy for weak students. Students with weak fine motor skills may be given to block letters to print and not joint cursive hand writing.
The establishment of a good collaborative Universal design for learning needs commitment and cooperation by teachers, community and the school system. A good Universal design for learning takes time to be established and effective. It also requires understanding, monitoring and resources. However the biggest factor is time to plan, develop and evaluate the system as per its objectives. A good planning process is done at all levels including the class room level.
The idea of Universal design for learning is usually thought at state level or district level. District level is the top most level of planning and ensures the availability of resources, assistance and appropriate time by the concerned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Universal Design of Learning Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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