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Gender in the Mediterranean community of Tunisia - Research Proposal Example

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Rural lives to some extent remaining in traditional, women in Tunisia still have to go a long way to achieve the equality in true sense. This paper will find gap in the field of gender equality in rural and urban sector of Tunisia with respect to education and labor force participation. …
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Gender in the Mediterranean community of Tunisia
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"Gender in the Mediterranean community of Tunisia"

Download file to see previous pages Not being a really rich nation, the people of Tunisia still succeeded in transforming it into a modern society; particularly in areas a little urbanized. Having an expected life of more than 70 years and medical services accessed universally, noticeable profits are collected from the social sectors, having significant contribution to the position of women in Tunisia. Modification of constitutional legislation for promoting gender equality has been done as well, but practicing laws as well as traditions are still creating obstacles in the way of true changes in many way. (Euromed, 2010).
Hard endeavors are made while the last decade was running in order to promote the gender equality by legislation as well as social and economic means. As the rates of literacy for women are increasing gradually, females are now distinctly over smarting males in various field of higher education. Females are eventually taking entry into work force and leading positions these days. Legislation is undergoing continuous updates in order to promote the equality in gender. While equality in gender is given by the country’s law and supported by the government, the patriarchal heritage of Tunisia is still in a hindering progress. In the cases of, a family and inheritance court normally ruled by shari’a law of Muslims, which in these cases imposes discrimination against women. The traditional values are being lost in the most families in Tunisia as a new generation is growing up. (Euromed, 2010; Euromed, 2009) The constitution of Tunisia says about the equality of rights as well as responsibilities among all the citizens and everyone comes equally under the laws. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gender in the Mediterranean Community of Tunisia Research Proposal - 1.
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