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Contrada and Baum define stress as "a process in which environmental demands tax or exceed the adaptive capacity of an organism, resulting in psychological and biological changes that may place persons at risk for disease" . The stress spoken of in this instance is the "bad"…
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Stress reduction techniques
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Download file to see previous pages Distress is a negative type of stress that can be short term or long term. This type of stress is caused by frequent undesired changes. Hyperstress occurs when a person is "pushed beyond what he or she can handle" (National Center). Hypostress occurs when a person is not pushed at all. Boredom is an example of hypostress. These types of stress can cause direct health problems, such as weakening the immune system and indirect health problems, such as leading a person to alcohol or drug abuse (Smyth, Joshua and Kelly Filipkowski, 272). There are many different ways that people cope with these types of stress. According to Band and Weisz, there are three main ways of coping with stress: primary control coping, secondary control coping, or relinquished control. With primary control coping, the individual attempts to change the circumstance that is causing the stress. With secondary control coping, the individual attempts to adjust to the current circumstance that is stressful. With relinquished control, the individual neither attempts to change the circumstance or adjust to it. The individual instead tries to ignore the problem. This paper will cover five popular techniques for reducing stress.
One of the most popular techniques for reducing stress is meditation. This exercise is usually used with secondary control or relinquished control coping. There are three basic types of meditation: mantra meditation, sitting meditation, and breath-counting meditation (Davis, Eshelman and McKay). In mantra meditation, the individual settles into a comfortable position and repeats a special word or phrase to clear the mind of other thoughts and induce relaxation. Sitting meditation is the simplest type. The individual settles into a comfortable sitting position, then focusing on his or her breathing to induce relaxation. The last type is breath-counting meditation. This is similar to the sitting type, except the individual counts to a specified number, usually 5 or 10, for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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