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Dualism and the Inconsistent Triad - Essay Example

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Dualism, as a view in the philosophy of mind is the cornerstone of the Classical mind-body problem and the other related problems such as the problem of interaction and so on. The main issue to be addressed here is whether it is possible to find a dualist reply to the problem…
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Dualism and the Inconsistent Triad
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Dualism and the Inconsistent Triad

Download file to see previous pages... ive up the world-view given by the theories of physics on the one hand and the quite intuitive idea that we have about the functioning of our own minds and bodies on the other.
Two important versions of dualism are Interactionism and Epiphenomenalism. The former view holds that mind and body, although being two mutually excluded and independent categories, interact together. The nature of interaction is bi-directional because the mental states affect the bodily states and the bodily states affect the mental states. Both the categories are causally efficacious. Epiphenomenalism, on the other hand holds that bodily states are causally active but mental states are causally inefficacious. Mental states therefore are epiphenomena in the sense that they have no causal power to act back on the body. Here the nature of interaction is uni-directional that is only from body to mind (Jacobsen, 66).
The interactionist dualist cannot deny the proposition (1) “the body is physical and the mind is non-physical” (Jacobsen, 68) because it is the fundamental thesis of any form of dualism. So also, being interactionists, they cannot deny the proposition (2) either, which says that “the mind affects body and the body affects the mind (Jacobsen, 68). The apparent inconsistency arises when the proposition (3) which says that “all physical changes can be completely explained by their physical causes” (Jacobsen, 68) gets added to the other two propositions to form a set. In order to avoid the inconsistency, the interactionist has to keep the propositions (1), (2) and (3) all true within the same set. If an interactionist hold only (1) and (3) as true, it would end up in epiphenomenalism (Jacobsen, 69). So the strategy to get around the inconsistency triad must be one which avoids this and for that, one has to identify a solution which supports the mind-body interaction.
The principle of the closure of physical laws says that all physical changes can be explained by their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dualism has over the years been associated with several philosophers, thinkers and religious leaders. Prominent among these are Socrates, Plato, St. Augustine, the Hindu religion and Prophet Zoroaster. Each of these personalities and groups take dualism from a different perspective but they all seem to arrive at one major understanding that two all concepts of human existence, there are two forms.
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This concept was coined in the era of metaphysics. By definition, moral dualism is a strong proven conviction in complement off everything from religion to conflict i.e. malevolent and compassionate are two opposite concepts concurring simultaneously in a subject of matter.
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Cartesian dualism,Descartes
Dubbed the ‘mind-body problem,’ the topic has seen different refutations and defences and continues to be a subject of interest because it speaks to our common experiences. The concept of a mind that could exist outside of the body has been the most common interpretation of his words from ‘Meditations.’ Thus the statement that “Descartes has unfairly been caricatured by many philosophers as a villain who sent us down the dead-end road of mind-body dualism” (Hoffman 4).
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Philosophy on Dualism
It is the theory that mental and physical - which is represented by mind and body respectively - are actually separate and different things. "Discussion about dualism, therefore, tends to start from the assumption of the reality of the physical world, and then to consider arguments for why the mind cannot be treated as simply part of that world" (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosphy).
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Essentially, this means that the concept of dualism accepts and reinforces the existence of a creator, or the cause, that would have created other worldly objects. Hence, the concepts of yin and yan according to the Chinese philosophy
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Inconsistent Triad and Mind-Body Dualism (Philosophy)
These people are Materialists, who claim that the mind is actually a physical object completely unseparable from the rest of the body, and is just caused by brain chemistry. One of the ways in which Materialists challenge
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According to him, the physical and spiritual aspects are two incompatible substances that have found a way of ‘coexisting’ in the human body (“Cartesian Dualism: Interaction of the Mind and Body”). Dualism can be looked at from two stances, as a
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Regardless of these advantages, collective bargaining by unionized employees, groups all workers, irrespective of their productivity under the same category thereby preventing high performers from
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He observes that various philosophers however have different ideas on what would make a thing a substance as per this definition. He says that while Leibniz, for instance, would only consider fundamental particles such as electrons as
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