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Psychology and operant conditioning - Essay Example

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In the field of psychology, a child’s tantrums might be learnt through operant conditioning. Operant conditioning, which is also know as instrumental conditioning involves a method…
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Psychology and operant conditioning
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Psychology and operant conditioning

Download file to see previous pages... These include variable ratio, fixed ratio, variable interval and fixed interval. For fixed ratio, reinforcement occurs after a fixed number of responses, while in variable ratio, the average number of responses may be pre-determined, but may not be followed on individual reinforcements. For fixed interval, reinforcement comes after a fixed period of time, while in variable interval, the average time is fixed but not necessarily followed on each individual reinforcement.
Operant principles can be used to bring about more appropriate behavior. These principles can be used to define the development of behaviors that operate upon the environment in order to bring about behavioral consequences in such an environment. Operant principles lead to learning which occurs when an appropriate response is demonstrated following the occurrence of a particular behavior. Thus, learning more appropriate behavior is seen to occur when there has been a noticeable change in the behavior after the delivery of the relevant instructions to a learner.
The principles of reinforcement and punishment involve positive punishment, positive reinforcement and operant conditioning. Punishment is usually applied in order to reduce the incidence of an undesirable behavior. In the concept of positive punishment, the term ‘positive’ might be confusing to some people, due to the fact that in common terms ‘positive’ means when something is good, or pleasant, or upbeat, or rewarding. The positive here is a technical terminology though, so it is meant as ‘started’ or ‘added’. It should be noted too that in this situation, it is not the individual that is being punished, but the behavior that is being tackled, in an attempt to be reduce or eliminate it.
Positive Reinforcement is one of the easiest and most effective control tools. It involves the addition or starting of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Intro Psychology) Phobias and Addictions (as related to classical and operant conditioning)
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Psychology, classical conditioning and operant conditioning
Ivan Pavlov’s experiments with dogs utilized a ringing bell as the neutral stimulus, meat as an unconditioned stimulus along with salivation of the dog as the unconditioned response (Feldman). The unconditioned stimulus (meat) tends to produce the unconditioned response (salivation of the dog) which is the natural reaction to the provided stimulus.
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Psychology, classical conditioning and operant conditioning
If a neutral stimulus is paired to an unconditioned stimulus to solicit an unconditioned response, it is possible to condition the neutral stimulus to produce the same response without the unconditioned stimulus being present. Pavlov utilized meat in order to induce salivation in the dogs he was experimenting with.
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Skinner came up with his theory of operant conditioning inspired by the work of Edward Thorndike, particularly Thorndike’s work regarding the learning behavior of animals with the aid of the puzzle box and resultant theory of 'Law of Effect'. Basing on Thorndike’s work, Skinner did some experiments with animals using a similar box to Thorndike’s puzzle box called Operant Conditioning chamber, which came to be known as Skinner’s box.
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Personal essay on past experience incorporating operant or classical conditioning terms and cites from Exploring Psychology in Modules 9th edition by David G. Meyers
I think largely that both the classical and operant conditionings have applied in my case. I learnt most of the skills through repeated actions,
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