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Personal narrative - Term Paper Example

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Within the context of personal narrative, personality theories are helpful to organize, analyze and fill the missing links and to explain one’s personal characteristics. The personality theories help one to have a broader idea of one’s self, and about the outer world. In…
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Personal narrative
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"Personal narrative"

Download file to see previous pages As most of the people (say, who face certain psychological problems) used to say, I would like to point out that my problem is different from others. I am from Los Angeles, California. My problem stemmed out from the understanding that I am a biracial child. My mother is black and my father is from Romania (say, Romanian race). My parents were ready to love me like their own child. But my sisters were so jealous and teased me a lot (maybe, because of my skin tone). As a child, I suffered the same and used to shrink myself to my personal life. But Jean Lau Chin opines that family (private domain) is a safe place for a biracial individual but society (public domain) is not (Chin, 2009, p. 60). The support from my parents and teacher helped me a lot to acquire self-confidence. But I was well aware of the fact that one must try hard to have an amiable and amicable personality. The evolution of purpose and meaning of my life begins with my habit of reading. For instance, the Linguistic categories trait helped me to realize myself as an individual. But I believe that our DNA decides our character. Besides, one’s personality is molded by cultural characteristics and family circumstances.
As pointed, the real problem was my hesitation to accept my real biracial identity. As a biracial child, there was less similarity among my sisters, brothers and me. This bothered me a lot and my character and behavior became more rebellious and problematic. Once, my father asked me about the real problem behind my odd behavior. Then I revealed the problem which I had been facing. Then, my father asked my mother about the problem I had been facing in our family. Both of them told me that my identity as a biracial child is not a problem. They further added that I can overcome the problem because they are ever ready to help me. This incident helped to gain confidence. At my school, I was forced to face a number of problems from my classmates and school ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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