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Abortion (The Right To Abortion) - Research Paper Example

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Abortion can take place in two broad ways namely, spontaneously or induced. Spontaneous abortion occurs as a result of natural causes such as complication of the pregnant…
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Abortion (The Right To Abortion)
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Download file to see previous pages Ethical and moral questions have been raised to this effect about the justification of abortion (Henshaw et al, 1999). To this effect, laws and regulations have been formulated for and against abortion since the period prior to the scientific discovery. The controversy has been stepped up across religious, political, medical and social circles on the right to abortion as laws evolve with changing times (Henshaw et al, 1999). Putting the controversy aside, the right to abortion is necessary as the foregoing discussion indicates.
The right to abortion gives the woman the chance for her life to be saved. Abortion is a necessary action to take when the pregnancy puts the mother’s in danger. This happens when the mother is having health complications and/or serious illness such as high blood pressure. In such a situation, the pregnancy can be a risk to the mother’s life because in such a case, the mother is not in a position to maintain the pregnancy. In addition, the pregnant woman could be experiencing complications such as having to succumb to an ectopic pregnancy. This is a very dangerous health complication that can lead to death of the pregnant woman if not treated. A woman with an ectopic pregnancy could die as a result of rapture and severe loss of blood (WebMD, 2010). The only treatment for this complication is ending the pregnancy which is abortion all for the sake of saving the woman (WebMD, 2010).
The right to choose as one of the concepts of reproductive health rights is another important reason that justifies abortion. Reproductive health rights refer to the right of both the man and woman to decide on the spacing and number of children (Socialist Worker, 2004). In the contemporary world, most women are working due to the economic and financial demands. Women are increasingly contributing to the family income and some are becoming bread winners in the family. Hence they have the right to take part in the decision making processes on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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