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Problem, search and selection Evidence based practice-NURSING - Research Paper Example

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One of the major concerns of nursing ward staff in my hospital is the number of diabetic patients with complications of diabetic foot admitted into the wards, with a high chance of ending up with the amputation of the foot over time. On an average the wards sees twelve…
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Problem, search and selection Evidence based practice-NURSING
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Download file to see previous pages Caring and treating diabetic patients is a major burden on health care resources of any nation, because of the costs involved in care and treatment of the complications associated with diabetes (Ray et al, 2005). Problems arising from diabetic foot constitute the most common reason for diabetics being hospitalized. Efficient management of diabetic foot still remains a major area of concern, which is a reflection of the requirement for enhanced knowledge and practical skills among both medical and nursing professionals in the care of diabetic foot (Leese, 2009). Caring for diabetic foot ulcers to prevent progress of the infection to the point of amputation becoming necessary is a challenge for nursing care, especially with multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria (MDRGNB) being a frequent cause of the diabetic foot ulcer (Shakil & Khan, 2010).
Treatment costs of ulcer in Australia are among the highest among many of the developed countries, where an infected ulcer treatment cost on an average is 2,433 Euros, while it is 1,999 Euros in France, 1,783 Euros in Germany and 1,521 Euros in Canada (Ray et al, 2005).
Reducing amputation outcomes in diabetic patients with diabetic foot ulcers has become an important issue for the nursing staff in my ward. The exercise for gathering evidence to be used in the ward towards this end is the nurse leader of the ward. Nurses maintain notes on the treatment and care provided for the patients and the outcomes to add to the evidence received through published papers. I am a part of this exercise. Treatment and care policies handed over for the care of these patients are derived from evidence of studies, but need to be fine tuned for better standards and efficient nursing care for these patients. The nursing manager and the administration cooperate for in these efforts, which enable monthly meetings to review the success of efforts and the new and emerging evidence on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Problem, Search and Selection Evidence Based Practice-NURSING Research Paper.
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