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Comparative study of Total Quality Management practices between Japanese and non- Japanese electrical and electronics companies in Malaysia: Survey results - Essay Example

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According to Ahmad & Yusof (2010), Japanese companies are known to have totally implemented the total quality management (TQM) in their production, marketing and…
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"Comparative study of Total Quality Management practices between Japanese and non- Japanese electrical and electronics companies in Malaysia: Survey results"

Download file to see previous pages The global market has become so competitive that companies have had to come up with new strategies to keep them at par with others in the globe. Some of these strategies include product differentiation, marketing practices, training, management leadership etc. One important strategy that has been employed by Japanese companies and which has proved successful is the implementation of TQM in their operations. This paper therefore was meant to determine the significant relationship/differences between Japanese and non-Japanese electrical and electronic companies operating in Malaysia on the level of implementation of TQM and also to gauge whether those not implementing know the advantages of TQM.
In this research study, the hypothesis is well framed since always the null hypothesis assumes no effect as it is evident from H0 that ‘there is no significant difference in TQM implementation between Japanese companies and non-Japanese electrical and electronic companies’.
For any research work to have the required scientific rigor, it should be based on tangible, valid and reliable background. This is mainly maintained through the citations and best practices from other writers. In this research study, the literature review carried out has had inferences from authorities in this field including Dahlgaard, Kristensen, Garvin and Ishikawa, authors who have experience in quality management and implementation. However, comparing the survey response rate with that of another related survey (as in this case) is not a good research practice and the researcher should always struggle to ensure total conformity to the research design and planning process. The researcher should strive to attain a high response rate by ensuring that participants are made aware of the;
The researcher used quantitative research design technique. In this case, the researcher uses predetermined questions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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